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Lado is Capitol Hill's finest taco take-out window. Order and pay (touchless) online or in-person at the window. Weather permitting, have a seat on our adjoining streetside patio, and enjoy an authentic street taco experience. We have all your favorite and flavorful meat, seafood, and vegetarian varieties available to-go for a quick walk-away lunch or a family meal. We also serve coffee and Mexican chocolate with our coveted churros. Looking to complete your meal and elevate your experience? Don't forget to grab a bottle of Mexican wine, one of our award-winning house-made margaritas, or a refreshing agua fresca.

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The Taco Take Out window is currently closed, but… Take-out is available for online ordering and/or onsite take-out from the main Mercado kitchen.



TUESDAY: 4pm-10pm

WEDNESDAY: 4pm-10pm

THURSDAY: 4pm-10pm

FRIDAY: 4pm-11pm

SATURDAY: 4pm-11pm

— SAT & SUN: 10am-3pm



Pick-up is available inside the front door at 422 East Pine Street

Simply the best churros north of the border

Lado a Lado Choncho Pig